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Family Financial Agreement

When a bank or financial services provider offers a customer a loan, it’s understood that there will be small print. The terms and conditions under which the loan is offered and accepted are put in place to make the agreement as clear as possible and to protect both parties. What would happen if these agreements weren’t formalised in such a way? Consider for a moment, that one of the UK’s biggest lenders does not require a compulsory loan agreement. In some cases, that lender does not even discuss repayment at all. It would appear to be quite a risky strategy, don’t you think?

The future for first time buyers (FTBs)

The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ has become such a feature of the first-time buyer experience that we almost assume that most people taking their first tentative steps on the property ladder will have some form of financial support from their parents. However, Post Office Money has recently been investigating this assumed intergenerational support and our findings led us to ask a number of questions, specifically – how much does it really factor into the reality of most people’s buying experience and is it a sustainable model for the future?