I care about my customers. After all, it’s my community too.

The Post Office has always been there at the heart of the community – a place people know and trust. Some people fear that if a new entrepreneur comes in, it will lose that.

Before we relocated East Finchley, there was uncertainty in the community. The Crown branch had been there for many years. At both the branches I have taken on, the care and commitment shown by all the staff was plain to see.

There was concern that the customer service wouldn’t be as good with the new branch. Sometimes it felt like I was trying to win hearts and minds one at a time.

But I care about my customers. After all, it’s my community too.

Once we were open at East Finchley, people said they really liked it and wondered what the fuss had been about. We’re open longer hours than the Crown was and our Sunday service is really popular.

The combination of the Post Office and our UOE store works really well. I could see the potential, and we’re now seeing that at my second branch in Potters Bar too.

It works both ways. Having a Post Office brings in extra custom for UOE. Last Christmas, my retail sales at East Finchley were double what they’d been the year before, and that’s down to moving the Post Office in.

Filming the documentary was something a bit different from the day job! It was certainly a great talking point with the customers who came in during filming.

I’m proud to share my story with viewers. Public money and our taxes are very stretched, but in my own small way I feel I am helping by taking costs off the state that could be put towards the NHS or schools. I’m proud that hopefully I can play a small part in helping the Post Office transform its network and at the same time, of course, provide the best service possible to customers who visit my branches.

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