#InsideOut - The Inside View on Environmental Change

Post Office is a hot contender in the influential Fleet News annual fleet awards. The awards - now in their 27th year - recognise the best people, companies and vehicles making a positive impact in the industry. Our delighted National Fleet Manager, Gillian Joyce, is looking forward to the awards night on March 25. In the latest of our #InsideOut blog series bringing expert voices out, Gillian runs us through what her team has been achieving on the environmental front.

The Post Office recognises our environmental responsibilities and is committed to minimising our adverse environmental impact by means of a continuous improvement process.

In the fleet space, we are continually looking at technological advances and new materials to reduce the weight of our vehicles so that they use less fuel, such as a recent concept vehicle that went into operation in summer 2014. This sees an increasing move from heavy armour to increased technology systems in support of our environmental aspirations.

We also limit our commercial fleet of less than 3.5 tonnes to 70 miles per hour, plan to embark on a How’s my Driving initiative in March, and our most recent vehicle purchases also see our vehicles equipped with Eco-Start functionality, all of which will help to reduce fuel consumption and see an associated reduction in emissions.

Last year we adopted a parts recycling programme, removing component parts from our fleet at end of life, prior to disposal, to re-use them to maintain the existing fleet, thus reducing the need to purchase new parts. This re-cycling programme will reduce the amount of material sent to land fill, whilst reducing costs for the Post Office.

The pace of change is very demanding and keeping ahead of the game is a challenge, especially when some of our commercial vehicles are in operation for up to nine years, or more. In particular, changes in legislation in London demand a proactive approach to vehicle procurement and longer term vehicle strategy to ensure we are planning with the environment in mind at all times.

Our vehicles currently meet all associated emission standards, including vehicles fitted with AdBlue and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems, both of which enable better litres per kilometre performance, whilst also reducing exhaust emissions of harmful gases. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), which reduce the amount of exhaust emitted by vehicles, are also fitted to a number of vehicles to ensure compliance.

In the next year or so we plan to introduce telematics to further reduce emissions and fuel usage, using information to help to identify opportunities to change driver skills and behaviours, which in turn will reduce fuel consumption.

The good news is that we are well positioned to continue to deliver our environmental ambitions and targets. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally responsible organisation and I am pleased to report that the Post Office commercial fleet achieved between 3.8 to 4.1Kg of CO2 per drop in 2013-14. A lot done, more to do!

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