The search for solutions

My job is to find solutions when a branch needs to move because of special circumstances – a postmaster who’s retiring or a branch that’s had an emergency such as a fire.

Every situation is different. I’ll do everything I can to find the right solution.

The documentary focused on three branches I’m working on.

In Kingsland, the postmaster, Jean, is 73 and wants to retire. I’ve known Jean for 20 years.

I told the parish council about a similar situation in another village where the villagers came together and were able to get a Public Works Loan to buy their branch. The documentary filmed a meeting with the council, Jean and local residents to explore this idea.

There’s still no definite outcome, and Jean is staying on for now.

At Pwll branch, the postmaster decided to move on. She resigned and the branch is temporarily closed. We’ve advertised the branch and we’re still looking for a solution.

In Tregynon, they filmed one of our mobile vans that’s just been taken on by a new postmaster.

They also filmed me at the National Convenience Show in Birmingham. We had a stand there to tell retailers about our available branches.

I was happy to help with the documentary. I’m not averse to a spot of public speaking!

People sometimes say they look forward to seeing me again soon. But I tell them they really don’t want to see me again as that means I haven’t found the right solution.

A case will stay open until it’s resolved. I’m always determined to find a long-term, sustainable solution for every branch. If I spot a potential solution, I’ll chase it down. I’m like a dog with a bone.

I’m passionate about the Post Office, and the rural branches in particular, as they mean so much to their communities.


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