Building for the future

Filming the documentary was great, although I was very self-conscious! When I was walking around with the microphone on it made me think about every little thing I did or said. I hope I come across okay on the show.

It was certainly interesting having the filming crew on site when the building work was taking place. We had a lot to contend with. It wasn’t just a lick of paint – it was pretty much a rebuild, with walls being taken out around us.

It was worth it. The transformation is brilliant and our customers love the new-look branch. It means a different way of working for all of us, but we needed to change.

The staff are adapting to it. Some of them are more technology savvy than others, and for those who aren’t some of it is completely new.

I think it’s fantastic. Some of the ideas we’re trying out are amazing.

A customer came rushing in to the branch just as I was locking up the other day. It was after 5.30 and the staff were cashing up. I asked her what she needed to do and she was paying a bill. She was able to use self-service and quickly get her bill paid when she wanted before we closed. Another happy customer!

With all these things, there’s a lot to learn, but we are doing this together as a team.

There’s a lot of pressure being the manager of a concept branch. I never really switch off! But if something works well here it could be shared across Crown offices, in fact the whole network. That’s so exciting!

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