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Complaints review & mediation scheme

Next week, a group of MPs is to question the Post Office about the Horizon system and the mediation scheme we set up to consider complaints about it received from a small number of mainly former subpostmasters. There is a background note about this process here.

The Business, Industry and Skills (BIS) committee meets regularly to hold inquiries about issues in their area – and as we are owned by Government, we are occasionally called to give evidence.

#InsideOut - How to Brand Your Team

Whether aware of it or not, every team in a business carries an internal brand, just as an individual represents a personal brand. This can make a big difference as to how we work with each other, but how can a team analyse themsleves and consciously mold their position? Following on from his first blog introducing the idea of treating colleagues as customers, James Scutt lays out simple steps towards changing an internal brand.

#InsideOut - Treating Colleagues as Customers

Being a customer-centric business is something the Post Office takes seriously but, in a corporate environment, individuals and teams would benefit from thinking of their colleagues as customers too. That's according to James Scutt, who here gives our #InsideOut blog series the first of a handful of guest posts with no shortage of sage advice.

#InsideOut - Work is an Activity, Not a Destination

If you spend three times as many hours commuting as you do exercising every week, you’re not alone. Getting to work and back is a significant time cost, but one that we’re starting to reduce - because work is an activity, not a destination. Here, Aidan Alston tells us how doing something just once a week can save you a week a year as part of our #InsideOut blog series.

The traditional view of work is changing.

#InsideOut - Five Easy Steps in Digital Learning

Digital learning sounds more complicated than it is. We’ve all typed the words ‘how to’ into YouTube, right? Well that’s actually a good start. In the first part of our new #InsideOut blogging series, Post Office Learning and Development Manager Gabriella Driver leads us through five steps in digital learning that we can all take.

Talking us down helps no one

We've just issued our annual results, and the unions and the National Federation of Subpostmasters have responded - just as they are entitled to do.

But they did make some points which just can't go unchallenged, particularly as in making them, they were able to grab newspaper headlines.

They said we were in crisis.

We're not. And saying so is simply damaging to every Post Office business in the UK.

The reality is that in a tough marketplace we are taking significant steps forward.