Getting connected

There are still almost 16 million people in the UK who never or rarely use the internet. Post Office is taking an active role to help and encourage those people to improve their digital skills.

The mission

We’re proud to be a founding partner of Go ON UK, an organisation that aims to build on the work and programmes that were begun by Race Online 2012.

Go ON UK’s goal is to bring the benefits of the internet to every individual, organisation and community across the UK. Alongside partners and with the support of the Government, Go ON UK has pledged to help make the UK the world's most digitally capable nation in which everyone and every organisation is able to enjoy the social, economic and cultural benefits of the internet.

As a Go ON UK founder member we'll share our expertise, resources, reach and networks to raise awareness of the benefits of being online and put in place the practical steps needed to support those at risk of being left behind in an increasingly digital world.

UK facts and figures

  • The average household could save up to £560 a year by shopping and paying bills online (Race Online 2012)
  • 90% of jobs require basic internet skills (Nielsen Company 2009) and people with good ICT skills can earn up to 10% more than people without such skills (Centre for the Economics of Education, 2007)
  • Being online can combat the social isolation and loneliness experienced by 3.1 million over 65 year olds who see a friend, relative or neighbour less than once a week (

Below is a selection of videos from the BBC to help improve digital skills and learn more about the internet. Click here to go to BBC Webwise to find out more.

Having basic online skills is increasingly becoming an essential part of daily life. It is not only frustrating for those people who can’t access the internet but is also increasingly becoming a disadvantage. Those not using the internet are excluded from the benefits of being online. From the better deals and savings available online through to keeping in touch with friends and family, applying for jobs or pursuing passions and interests.

We’re helping customers to Get Connected

In addition to being a Digital Champion to help someone get online there are other ways to learn the wonders of the web. We’re working to encourage and help those who want to get online to find out where they can get started.

Thousands of locations across the UK provide free or low cost beginners computer courses and free access to the internet. With our nationwide network we can help you or someone you know to find a local venue to improve your digital skills.

Just ask a member of the branch team to help find a venue in your area. There are a range of different centres including libraries, community centres and learning centres that provide a variety of internet or training facilities.

BBC TV presenter and broadcaster Maggie Philbin is backing Get Connected: “Technology has come a long way in the last few years and for many people it is a way of life. It is staggering that there are 16 million people who are still not using the internet on a regular basis. It is important that we support those who either don’t have the access or don’t feel confident on the internet so that they can realise the benefits of the web.”

Find your local UK Online Centre with Post Office