Modernising the Post Office

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An image from outside a Post Office branch

We are the Post Office and there is no-one like us. From travel insurance to tax for the car, passports to postage, licences to life insurance, the Post Office network is serving communities across the UK. We have a network of over 11,500 branches across the UK and every one of our branches is at the heart of its community.

And now we’re embarking on an exciting transformation. Backed by significant investment from the Government, we are rolling out the largest investment and modernisation programme in our history. At the heart of our modernisation plan are two new models.

  1. Main style Post Office branches will offer a modern environment and in many cases extended opening hours. Many will be existing branches updated and refreshed, and will offer both a dedicated Post Office counter and service provision at the retail position, thereby offering customers the full range of products and services and extended opening hours.
  2. Local style Post Office branches are a new way of operating Post Offices in convenience-type stores. By combining both the Post Office and retail service, the branch will offer extended opening hours to customers.

Around 6,000 branches will transform to these new styles over the next three years with more than 300 already live.

Feedback from customers has been great too with customers satisfaction scores consistently over 90% according to independent research.

Post Office Network Reports

A copy of this year's report can be downloaded here (PDF 3.8Mb) Opens in new window

A copy of last year's report can be downloaded here (PDF 1.54Mb) Opens in new window

The Local Authority and Post Office Ltd Pathfinder Program

For more information on this programme, download our report (PDF 1.2Mb) Opens in new window

Times are changing and so must our branches if we want to continue to meet the needs of the people that use them. That’s why we’re transforming the Post Office network.

Everyone should be able to access our products and services but it isn’t always possible to have a traditional Post Office in every single town or village. That’s where our outreach services come in. In addition to running their own branch, our subpostmasters can travel to nearby communities to provide and oversee Post Office services. You can use the Budget Card for: car tax, and other vehicle tax, gas, electricity and telephone bills, council tax and council rent payments, catalogue payments, TV rental, Post Office Home phone & Broadband, Post Office Travel insurance, Post Office Credit cards and One4all™ gift cards. You won’t be able to use it for Travel money, Travellers cheques, Postal orders or MoneyGram®. where there is no permanent Post Office branch.

The Mobile Post Office

Our mobile vans visit over 168 villages up and down the UK at set times and on certain days of the week - so people know exactly when to expect them. These Mobile Post Offices offer almost all of our services and each van is fully equipped and accessible to both elderly and wheelchair customers.

The Hosted Service

This service is operated out of a local building like a cafe, village hall or community centre on certain days of the week and at set times. It provides customers with access to almost all of our products and services.

The Partner Service

This is where we offer our services through a partner – for example a local shop. It means that customers can access over 80% of our services, usually whenever our partner’s business is open. 

Home delivery service

This is a service for very small communities and enables customers to order a reduced range of Post Office® products and services over the telephone. The products may either be delivered to a customer’s home by the core subpostmaster or are available for collection by the customer at a local Drop-In Session.

Keeping you informed

Whenever we propose to make a change to a Post Office branch, we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop – and you’ll have the opportunity to share your views.

To support our commitment to you, we’ve agreed a Code of Practice Opens in new window on public consultation and communication with respect to changes to our network. The Code has been created in agreement with Consumer FuturesOpens in new window, the independent statutory watchdog, and addresses how we communicate with you and your local representatives.

If you would like to know what changes are currently proposed, or the previous changes we’ve made, you can download a PDF of our current and previous changes using the right hand links.

You can also share your views with us online. Click here if you’d like to comment on a proposed branch change Opens in new window – or click here to view decisions Opens in new window.

Alternatively you can contact us by post – just write ‘FREEPOST – Your Comments’ on the envelope and send your views to us, or email us at