Our behaviours

Our plans to transform the Post Office through a strategy of growth, modernisation and customer excellence are well underway.

But we are clear that for our strategy to succeed we need engaged and high performing people.

We are serious about supporting you to play your part – by providing the right support, environment, tools and development to fulfil your potential and get things done. It’s also about encouraging you to think about your role and how you can challenge us.

Let’s start at the beginning

From the moment a potential recruit spots an opportunity at the Post Office, to when they join the business and start to plan their career with us, it is important their journey and experience is shaped by our core values of Care, Challenge and Commit. We can make that happen by having a set of straightforward business behaviours which inform the way we do things.

So what’s happening?

We’ve been taking a look at those behaviours – the way we do business - and how they help to stimulate the culture change we need to deliver our business goals. We are not talking about shiny posters on office walls but how our values and behaviours fundamentally shape how we operate and work with each other. For example, how we use them to improve things like our people processes such as recruitment, learning and development, talent and performance management. In short, it’s how we do things in this business.

So what are they?

The behaviour framework we have come up with builds on what we have already done to shift our culture to one that supports our ambitious plans. They have evolved following your feedback and the changing environment we are working in. There are full definitions around each to enable them to be used consistently in our people processes, but in a nutshell…

The behaviour

How we’ll put it in to action

I wow the customer ​

Everyone paying close attention to their customers-both internal and external-earning and growing their loyalty and trust​

I deliver results with pace

Everyone taking personal accountability for their performance, delivering results decisively and responsibly​

I know the numbers  ​

Using robust and relevant information to inform business decisions ​

I work with others 

Great solutions through great team-working​

I challenge to make us more efficient  

Always looking for better ways of doing things and removing barriers to success​

I develop myself and others