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An image of a Post Office subpostmaster receiving a parcel
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An image of a Post Office subpostmaster receiving a parcel

Getting it right for our customers

While our people are our greatest asset, our customers remain at the heart of everything we do, and why we do it. Their perception is our reality. We can do all the rebranding in the world and make all the promises we want, but if we don’t turn promises into meaningful acts, our customers will stop believing us and, indeed, stop believing in us.

We all know what good customer service is, and there are hundreds of examples of us all delivering it every day. Our challenge now is to make sure we deliver great service for every customer, everytime. The more we understand our customers and their expectations – and put ourselves in their shoes – the easier it will be to provide consistently great service.

Every little thing we know about our customers is an opportunity to do better and add more value. And thanks to a huge range of research, we know a lot about who our customers are and what they think about us. Although there is still a lot of affection for the Post Office – because of our history and the place we have traditionally held in the community – there are also frustrations. Many people don’t understand what role we play in today’s digital world and aren’t aware of the full range of products we can offer or the value we can always bring. Even worse, they don’t think we get it right in our core Mails products – our bread and butter.

But perhaps most worryingly, there is a sense that we are difficult to deal with. Too many people, when they think of the Post Office, still think of long queues, slow service and tired-looking branches. And if that is how customers think of us, it doesn’t matter what products we introduce or how impressive our website is – they simply won’t want to deal with us.

We can make sure we stay relevant by helping customers use our products and services in a way that best suits them – whenever and wherever they are, and we develop more innovative products that add more value to our customers’ lives.

We’ve got to make sure that dealing with the Post Office is a pleasure, not a pain.

We need to provide the human touch. So, as we look to create a modern Post Office that embraces technology and can meet people’s changing expectations and lifestyles, we must always remember that the service our customers receive remains the most important thing.

With our advertising, we will tell customers they will be handled with care. If we stand by our word, our customers will stand by us.