March 2014

A true social enterprise

Port Clarence Post Office branch sits in the shadow of the Transporter Bridge, which crosses the River Tees to link the area with nearby Middlesbrough. Alongside it is a health centre, a crèche, cafe and a training room grandly called an IT suite. Just down the road, past a row of boarded up houses, there is a small row of shops: newsagent, chippy and off licence. There isn't much else.

Helping those less digitally savvy

I'm writing this sitting on a train. The man next to me is watching a film on his iPad. Opposite a woman is reading a book on a Kindle and next to her another guy is listening to a podcast.

The digital world is almost everywhere - but it hasn't yet reached every home and while going online may be second nature to most people, there are still millions who lack confidence and skills in this area.