January 2015

Complaints review & mediation scheme

Next week, a group of MPs is to question the Post Office about the Horizon system and the mediation scheme we set up to consider complaints about it received from a small number of mainly former subpostmasters. There is a background note about this process here.

The Business, Industry and Skills (BIS) committee meets regularly to hold inquiries about issues in their area – and as we are owned by Government, we are occasionally called to give evidence.

#InsideOut - How to Brand Your Team

Whether aware of it or not, every team in a business carries an internal brand, just as an individual represents a personal brand. This can make a big difference as to how we work with each other, but how can a team analyse themsleves and consciously mold their position? Following on from his first blog introducing the idea of treating colleagues as customers, James Scutt lays out simple steps towards changing an internal brand.