July 2015

At what cost to our customers

Postmaster Carol Easton’s branch in Cromford, Derbyshire, is one of a number of retailers in the area, so it is a Local model rather than a Community branch. But her shop isn’t really big enough to be able to modernise and develop its retail offer, so a nearby retailer would offer the best solution. While she understands why, Carol says there are two sides to every story…

I do understand why the Post Office has got to change to become sustainable in the future, but my worry is at what cost to our customers?

I care about my customers. After all, it’s my community too.

The Post Office has always been there at the heart of the community – a place people know and trust. Some people fear that if a new entrepreneur comes in, it will lose that.

Before we relocated East Finchley, there was uncertainty in the community. The Crown branch had been there for many years. At both the branches I have taken on, the care and commitment shown by all the staff was plain to see.

There was concern that the customer service wouldn’t be as good with the new branch. Sometimes it felt like I was trying to win hearts and minds one at a time.