November 2017

8 Top Tips for Small Business Success

As the largest small business retail network in the UK, to mark Small Business Saturday, we’ve spoken to the some of the many entrepreneurial postmasters within our 11,500 strong network for their top tips for small business success.

I’m constantly inspired by the postmasters that are running successful small businesses in diverse locations across the country. All of them are using the Post Office, particularly the footfall it brings in to their shops, to make the businesses more profitable and sustainable.

The future for first time buyers (FTBs)

The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ has become such a feature of the first-time buyer experience that we almost assume that most people taking their first tentative steps on the property ladder will have some form of financial support from their parents. However, Post Office Money has recently been investigating this assumed intergenerational support and our findings led us to ask a number of questions, specifically – how much does it really factor into the reality of most people’s buying experience and is it a sustainable model for the future?