Industry funding announced for BankHubs roll-out

We are committed to providing free access to cash across the UK. That's why today, we're pleased to announce that Post Office, the banking industry and members of the UK Finance Cash Action Group, have committed to a new approach to meeting community need.

Locations are carefully selected, and five BankHubs are planned to open in:

    1. Acton (West London)
    2. Brixham (Devon)
    3. Carnoustie (Angus)
    4. Knaresborough (North Yorkshire)
    5. Syston (Leicestershire)

This new agreement will go a long way to ensuring communities are not left without cash, and with BankHubs, can also access face to face services with their bank.

Here is Martin Kearsley, Cash & Banking Director, explaining more about what the announcement means. 

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