Our EDI council

Post Office has established an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council (EDI), with the aim of increasing the diversity of our workforce at every level and ensuring Post Office more closely reflects our customers, our Postmasters and the communities that we serve.

To achieve this, we must develop a culture that has inclusion and equity at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that we have a workforce that is diverse in the widest possible sense and in which diversity of background and thought is valued.

Having a diverse workforce brings a diversity of experiences and perspectives, which will help us better meet the needs of our employees, customers and Postmasters. This is not just about our role as an employer; being a genuinely inclusive and diverse organisation is the foundation for delivering services that meet the needs of our communities.

The responsibilities of the Post Office EDI Council include:

  • Agree goals and objectives for the D&I Strategy
  • Provide guidance for diversity activity proprieties
  • Source diversity best practice
  • Track and measure the success of diversity initiatives
  • Report on progress to our Board



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