Popular Postmaster retires after nearly 40 years

Derrylester postmistress, Delia Quigley, is to retire after almost 40 years running the rural village Post Office in County Fermanagh.

Delia just happened to find out about the vacancy to run Derrylester Post Office whilst she had been clothes shopping in Enniskillen for her husband, Brendan.

Delia got talking to the shop owner and he asked if she was interested in a job, and she thought he meant a job in his store. The shopkeeper then explained that he was also an auctioneer and that he was going to be auctioning the Post Office business near her.

Her interest was sparked and she went on to buy the shop in August 1984. Delia, then successfully applied to become the Postmistress for Derrylester, which is close to where she lived, a role that she has held since November 1985.

Postmistress, Delia Quigley, said: “I have been here for this community through thick and thin, including the pandemic, and I have got to know my customers well. There’s always been a fun atmosphere in the shop. I have loved listening to people’s stories and hearing about their families. I have really enjoyed my time as Postmistress.

“Sadly, lots of my elderly customers have died and numbers of customers have gone down. I now have some disabilities, which makes it hard to work, but I have been carrying on, to continue to serve my community. However, it is now time to retire and to concentrate on my health and to enjoy time with Brendan, who I have been married to for 48 years, our children Arran and Debbie and our three grandchildren.

Post Office Area Manager, Sean Doherty, said: “I want to sincerely thank Delia who has been postmistress for Derrylester for nearly four decades. Despite her poor health and now being less mobile, Delia chose to continue to serve her Post Office customers. I wish her a well-earned retirement.”

Originally Derrylester Post Office was due to close on 12 June, however, this has now been extended until 24 June. The nearest alternative Post Offices are at Kinawley and Macken.

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