Priorities 2021-22

As we work towards our Intent for Post Office in 2025, we have a number of key projects and priorities for the current financial year:

  • Involving our postmasters: One of our top priorities for this financial year is to engage and involve our Postmasters in the decisions that impact them. We are making changes across the business in how we work with our Postmasters to bring the Postmaster perspective to every part of the business. You can read about some of our progress to date here.
  • Growing commercially: Another top priority as a business this year is to continue on our path towards commercial sustainability since our separation from Royal Mail in 2012. Our ambition focuses on investing in our core commercial strengths, building partnerships and launching new products and services across our branches and online. Explore our latest work in mails here, and our progress in cash and banking here.
  • Strengthening the network: Our extensive network ensures we have widespread reach to meet the diverse needs of local communities across the UK. Looking ahead, as a leading retail business our branch network needs to be sustainable and meet the evolving needs of our customers.  Our aim is to provide the right type of branches, in convenient locations, to ensure that customers can access the Post Office products and services they need. Check out our latest progress on this here.
  • Rebuilding trust: We know we have made mistakes in the past and want our Postmasters to see the progress we are making to reset our business. We are making cultural and operational improvements based on Postmaster feedback, in every part of the business – from initial training through to daily transactions and accounting. You can discover more here.
  • Supporting each other: Post Office recognises that in order to be there, in person, for the people who rely on us, we must also ensure that we are supporting one another as colleagues – particularly through the challenges of the pandemic. That’s why it’s one of our six strategic priorities for this year, and includes important work to support colleagues in working from home as well as protecting those on the frontline.
  • Transforming our IT: As part of our Intent for Post Office in 2025, we are investing in new branch technology to serve our Postmasters and customers better, which you can read about here.

These priorities will guide Post Office on its journey to evolve into a sustainable, sought-after franchise, while ensuring our Postmasters continue to thrive in an ever-changing retail landscape.

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