Our Board

Our Board of Directors is chaired by Tim Parker. As Non- Executive Chairman he is independent both of the executive management of Post Office Limited and of its special shareholder. The Board comprises the Chairman, five other Non-Executive Directors and two Executive Directors.

Board responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Board include setting the business’ strategic aims, putting in place the leadership to deliver them, supervising the management of the business and reporting to the shareholder. There are a number of Board committees which deal with specific topics requiring independent oversight including audit, risk and compliance, nominations of the Board, pensions and senior remuneration. Each committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Director and operates within its own agreed, documented Terms of Reference

Our Group Executive

Below main Board level, the Group Executive (GE) is the most senior leadership team which is accountable to the Board for the day-to-day operations of the Post Office. It is made up of the Chief Executive and each of his direct reports together with the Company Secretary and is responsible for delivering performance measured against the corporate objectives set by the Board and agreed with the Post Office Shareholder.

The GE works within the delegated authorities established by the Board.

The GE implements the strategy agreed by the Board and monitors business performance and development at a day-to-day level. It meets weekly and formally once a month to discuss proposals for new business development, receive financial and other performance reports, and address urgent issues which have arisen within the business requiring senior level resolution.

It receives monthly reports from GE sub committees and the Executive Team and monitors the performance against the sub-committee mandate and terms of reference and Executive Team terms of reference. It also reviews all Board papers and all appropriate Board sub-committee papers (where appropriate) and ensures the timely cascade of information to the Senior Leadership Team and the wider Business.

Twice yearly, it reviews the results of personal performance assessments undertaken throughout the organisation.

The Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and the Company Secretary attend both Board and GE meetings which facilitates and strengthens the communication channels between the senior leadership teams, the Board and its committees.