Supporting our Postmasters

The Historical Shortfall Scheme 

The Historical Shortfall Scheme closed to new applications at midnight BST on Friday 14 August 2020. 

Post Office launched the scheme on 1 May to independently assess applications from current and former postmasters who believe they experienced shortfalls related to previous versions of the Horizon system.

The Historical Shortfall Scheme followed the agreed settlement last year of group litigation between Post Office and 555 mainly former postmasters and is part of a major programme addressing past issues and fundamentally reforming Post Office for the future.

Important update to Historical Shortfall Scheme Eligibility Criteria 

Post Office has announced a change to the Eligibility Criteria for the Historical Shortfall Scheme. It means postmasters who entered into settlement agreements with Post Office before the High Court’s judgment on Horizon Issues on 16 December 2019 will be able to apply to the scheme (unless they were part of the group litigation against Post Office that settled in December 2019). 

Please see The Historical Shortfall Scheme site for further information and details and about the Scheme. 


A Freedom of Information response regarding the group litigation settlement can be found here.