Code of Business Conduct

If we are to earn the trust of our customers, colleagues, and the communities we serve we must act in a responsible, ethical, and lawful way. Our Code of Business Conduct (the Code) defines the expectations we have for how we act and how we make decisions.

Doing what’s right means we must always act with integrity and be open and honest to ensure we are trusted by our customers, colleagues, Postmasters, Retail Partners and the communities in which we work.

Who is the Code for?
Our Code is for everyone working for and with Post Office: employees, directors, contractors, Postmasters, business and retail partners, and suppliers. We expect our Postmasters, business and retail partners and suppliers to uphold the same standards.

What is the Code?
The Code is a centrepiece to our ethical culture. It sets out what we stand for, the principles we hold ourselves accountable to and what we expect from every single person for and with Post Office, helping us all make informed decisions and good choices.

Sometimes, you might face a situation where the right thing to do is not obvious. That is where our Code of Business Conduct can help. It is always here as a guide to preserving our reputation. While the Code cannot answer every question, it can show you where to go for guidance when the answer is not clear.

The code enables you to:

  • Conduct yourself honestly and ethically.
  • Upholds our ways of working and protect our reputation.
  • Understand what Post Office expects from you.
  • Make good decisions every day.
  • Comply with the laws, regulations and standards that apply to our Company.
  • Understand where to go for assistance or guidance if you have any questions.

You can read the code here.


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