Welsh Language Scheme

We have adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business in Wales, we will treat the English and Welsh languages on a basis of equality. This Scheme sets out how we will give effect to that principle when providing public services in Wales.

This Scheme sets out a framework for managing and monitoring our progress in fulfilling the commitments made in this Scheme.

Our starting point in acknowledging the equality of the Welsh and English languages is to ensure that customers in Wales, who may prefer to transact their public business with us in Welsh (whether in correspondence, by telephone or in person), are able to do so. We are committed to providing an equally high standard of customer service in Welsh and English.

The commitments set out in this Scheme require us to maintain our capacity for routinely handling public business in Welsh to the required standards, and this Scheme includes steps that we will take to achieve this.

This Scheme has the full support of our Board.

Please click here to read full details of the Scheme. 

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