Abdul Majid MBE - Bellshill Post Office

Here's Abdul's story.

Abdul is the Postmaster of the Bellshill Post Office in Scotland. He has been a Postmaster for 40 years and runs his post office with 24 staff members. His business provides daily services to the Bellshill community of 80,000 people.

His post office provides a warm hub and hot food counter for vulnerable people, families, and the elderly to socialise, receive advice, and feel like they belong to a community. During Covid lockdowns, Abdul’s post office stayed open and helped deliver food to his community. He is a trusted part of local life.

He became a postmaster because he passionately cares about his local community and is committed to providing them with an invaluable service. In his words, post offices provide services that cannot be replicated anywhere else. He considers post offices and the role they play as equal to being a “fifth emergency service” for local people.

Watch Abdul's story here: