Equality Pay Gap Report

At Post Office, we care about our people and honestly challenge each other to make it a great place to work for everyone.

Everyone ought to feel confident that their unique contribution to our business is respected and valued. That’s why we fully support the publication of equality pay gap figures and believe it is an important measure to see how we are making progress towards our diversity targets.

This is our sixth year of reporting our gender pay gap figures and the second year that we’re voluntarily reporting our ethnicity pay gap. We recognise that these pay gaps exist partially because the representation of both female and ethnic minority colleagues at a senior level are behind the targets we have set, and we are committed to improving this.

The data in this report is accurate and in line with the government reporting regulations. We are completely committed to making improvements based on this report. 

Post Office Equality Pay Gap report 2022 (published March 2023)


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