Our purpose

We’re here, in person, for the people who rely on us

Our Purpose has three equally important but distinct parts.

The first – “We’re here” – recognises that Post Office is unique as the only retailer in each nation and every community across the UK. With over 11,500 branches, we’re at once universal and yet fundamentally local. And this is only possible because our Postmasters are here for our customers – much as Post Office is here to serve and support our Postmasters. Without our postmasters, there would be no Post Office.

Next – “in person”. Located in communities across the UK, Post Office remains a vital part of the British high street even as many retailers continue to leave it. Despite the recent acceleration of digital services brought about by the pandemic, the simple reality is there will always be some things that you can’t do easily online – whether sending a parcel or having a chat face-to-face. Our Purpose highlights the human connection – the personal touch – we offer as a business.

And last, but certainly not least, we’re there “for the people who rely on us”. Although the Post Office is for everyone, we know some parts of society rely on us more than others. For the people that need us most, we’re proud to provide vital, trusted services that allow them to operate in cash, pay their bills in person, verify their identity, and more as their needs change.

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