Our intellectual property

Request permission to use Post Office registered trademarks and copyright materials

Intellectual Property rights

If you have a request for permission to use any of our 150+ registered trademarks, please get in touch with our Intellectual Property team on IntellectualProperty@postoffice.co.uk.

You will need to request permission to use any of our registered trademarks or copyrighted assets if you intend to use or feature them in, but not limited to:

  • Films or TV productions
  • Online: websites and social media, digital apps, software
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Printed materials or publications
  • Branded products, equipment or signage (including supplying store fascias and signage for Post Office franchisees)
  • Formally registering a company or other type of organisation where you intend to include the words 'Post Office' as part of the name

We would also request approval is sought for reproduction of any materials produced by Post Office Limited which may include copyright.

If you use or publish any of our trademarks or materials without consent, we may ask you to remove them.

Post Office or Royal Mail?

Please note, Post Office and Royal Mail are separate companies. If your request relates to certain aspects of mail, for example: postal products and delivery, Royal Mail logos and insignias, post boxes, vehicles and livery, post men and women, or ParcelForce, you will need to request permission from Royal Mail directly. You can find out more including contact details on the Royal Mail website.

Logos, photos and other assets & media

If we have granted approval to use our trademarks, we can provide assets for our logos in a variety of colour and file formats. You will need to ensure that reproduction of our logo is applied as stated in accompanying guidelines.

We also have a selection of images featuring Post Office branches, Postmasters and Postmistresses and a variety of customer related, operational and transactional themes. For further information please visit our media centre.

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