Changes to operational processes and policies

Post Office is committed to keeping Postmasters up-to-date about process and policy changes and the work undertaken to address previous operational issues that may have impacted Postmasters and former Postmasters.

We have therefore launched this website. This will serve as the source of information about operational issues that may have an impact on Postmasters and it will be updated if further operational issues and improvements are identified and changes implemented.

We will also let current Postmasters know about any such operational issues that may have impacted them through the regular Postmaster email or other Postmaster communication channels. 

Change to policy on remuneration during a period of suspension

Before March 2019, Postmasters were not remunerated during the period of any contract suspension. We have subsequently changed this policy, resulting in Postmasters being remunerated during a period of suspension. The Common Issues Judgment found that clauses in Postmaster contracts allowing Post Office to withhold remuneration during any period of suspension were unreasonable under the Unfair Contract Terms Act, so Post Office was not entitled to rely on them.

We are addressing the impact of this previous policy as quickly as possible by making payments to the Postmasters affected.

We are currently writing to eligible Postmasters including former Postmasters about this. You do not need to contact us separately about this in the meantime.

Former Postmasters - submitting a request

If you are no longer a serving Postmaster and you have received a letter from us about this inviting you to complete a form to request an investigation, you can find the form to download on this page.

To help us process and investigate your request as quickly as possible, please email your completed form. You’ll find full guidance on how to complete it included in the form.

If you don’t have email access yourself, a family member or friend is welcome to submit the form on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you can’t submit your request or supporting information by email, you can post it to Remediation Team, Post Office Ltd, 2nd Floor, 1 Future Walk, Chesterfield S49 1PF. You (or someone on your behalf) can complete and post the paper version of the form if required – this was enclosed with your letter. If using post, please only provide copies of supporting documents/material rather than original documents, which should be retained for your own records. We advise using a trackable service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery if sending documents by post.

We appreciate that the form may appear long and complex, but it is important we have as much information as possible to ensure your request is assessed fairly and thoroughly and the right outcome is reached. We have kept the information and questions as clear and straightforward as possible. You can find details about how to contact us below if you have any questions or would like any support with your request form. 

If you have already applied for an investigation through the Horizon Shortfall Scheme (previously called the Historical Shortfall Scheme), please contact us at to discuss whether you can submit a request in this Review. If you have an overturned conviction or were part of the group litigation against Post Office that settled in December 2019, you will not be able to be part of this Review but please refer to the guidance here on how these claims will be dealt with.

Current Postmasters do not need to complete a request form.

Further questions

If you have any questions about this that are not answered here or in the correspondence you have received, or you would like further support with this, please contact