Sally Bourton - Trewoon Post Office

Here's Sally's story.

Sally has run the Trewoon Post Office for more than 22 years and she loves being a postmaster because it allows her to help the community. She also lives in the house attached to the post office. When the previous postmaster died, Sally saw the house come up for sale and fell in love with it, which is how she became a postmaster.

The location of the post office is very convenient, and her post office is an important institution in the community, even for things outside of the day-to-day role of a post office. The parish council often liaise with Sally on local matters, and during the pandemic she helped find volunteers to help the community out.

Sally’s branch is the hub of the community in Trewoon and she believes it’s a string that brings the community together. The Post Office provides essential services to the local village near St. Austell, offering critical support including:

  • Face to face contact and advice for the customers, support to the local parish council, and impactful community initiatives – to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year, Sally’s post office gifted a limited-release coin to every local child in Trewoon
  • Access to cash and critical banking services for local businesses and customers, particularly after the local Barclays bank closed in the summer of 2022.

Watch Sally's story here: