Strengthening our network

With over 11,500 Post Office branches and an offering of more than 170 different products and services, we are the largest retail network in the UK.

For over 380 years, Post Office has been providing vital services to communities across the UK.

Post Office is working in partnership with our Postmasters to further strengthen our branch network, ensuring that we have the right branches, in the right locations, open at the right times. We know that customer demands vary across the UK and that’s why we’re introducing additional new formats, products and services that will enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers.

For example, we’re introducing easier-to-operate and more flexible branch formats to expand our position in the parcels market and make it even more convenient for our customers to access our mails and parcels services. Working with banking partners, we also intend to open more Post Office BankHubs to offer free and reliable cash withdrawals and deposits with regular financial advice from leading banks for communities across the UK.

Looking ahead, as a leading retail business we will strengthen our branch network to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We will introduce new services and innovations that will make it simpler and easier for our Postmasters to meet the local needs of their communities.


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