Rosebush Postmistress retires after 32 years

Postmistress Cynthia Jennings has retired from Rosebush Post Office, where she has managed the branch from her family farm for 32 years.

Cynthia was born eight miles from Rosebush and moved to the village when she bought the former dairy farm. Later the village needed someone to take on the Post Office and she opened the branch in the old dairy house to maintain Post Office services to the village.

Then they converted the former milking shed into a Post Office and added a farm shop where they sold cheese made on the premises. At first, they sold goats cheese made from goats that they used to keep on the farm. The uplands farm is now used for keeping sheep and they buy in cows’ milk to make the cheese. The cheese shop will remain open.

Postmistress, Cynthia Jennings, said: “The best thing about being a Postmistress is the people that you serve. I always enjoyed a chit chat with customers. I managed to keep my branch open during the pandemic to serve the village.

Post Office Area Manager, Ryan Leonard, said: “I wish Cynthia a well-earned retirement from running a Post Office, but she will continue to work on the farm and continue to make cheese. I want to thank Cynthia for opening up her farm to Post Office customers for more than three decades.

Cynthia’s branch at Rosebush, Clynderwen, SA66 7QY, was open two mornings a week. Nearby is Maenclochog branch (Mon - Sat: 8am – 6pm; Sun: 8am – 2pm), so Cynthia is pleased her community will have easy access to Post Office services despite her retirement.

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